Description and characteristics of the Empress tomato variety

Description and characteristics of the Empress tomato variety

Tomato Empress F1 is a new domestic hybrid registered in 2011. It is grown in any climate as a covering culture. Reviews about the taste of the fruit are not unambiguous, but there are no complaints about the performance of this hybrid.

Brief characteristics of the new hybrid

Grow a hybrid only in greenhouses and temporary shelters. The Empress was registered as a salad plant, but most summer residents grow this hybrid for preparations:

  • marinades;
  • vegetable winter salads;
  • making sauces;
  • as a raw material for making sun-dried tomatoes.


In the shape of the Empress, a classic cream with dense pulp, firm skin. The size of almost all fruits on one bush is the same, the weight of medium-sized tomatoes is 100 g, larger ones - 150 g. Ripe cream is bright red, not ripe - light green. The cross section clearly shows 2 chambers. The ripe pulp tastes good.


Empress indent, bushes grow up to 2 meters or more in the greenhouse... To stop growth, you need to pinch the top of the central shoot. The bushes are covered with large leaves with an intense green color. Bushes need support, regular garter, constant pinching of stepsons.

Yield indicators

In protected ground, Empress tomatoes have excellent productivity - 9 kg / m².

Greenhouse preparation for the new season

To get a good harvest of tomatoes, properly prepare the soil in the greenhouse. Check acidity with litmus paper. If the pH number does not correspond to the optimal values ​​of 6-6.5 (less), then reduce the acidity by liming.

Tomato bushes take large amounts of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen from the soil every year. When preparing the ridges for the season, take care of replenishing them with these elements. Apply the necessary fertilizers for the autumn (spring digging of the soil).

Disadvantages and advantages

Any tomatoes have their advantages and disadvantages, the new Empress hybrid is no exception. The main disadvantages of the variety are too dense pulp and average taste in tomatoes. All other parameters are rated excellent:

  • consistently high yields;
  • aligned fruits of a beautiful shape;
  • fruits are resistant to cracking, not damaged during transportation;
  • the hybrid is rarely infected with TMV, verticillosis, apical rot.

On the forums about the tomato Empress

When reading the reviews that summer residents leave on the forums, there is a desire to check their reliability. Too many complaints about the taste of tomatoes Empress. Only by growing your own tomato bush of this variety in the garden, you can confirm or refute the statements of amateur vegetable growers.

Andrey, Nizhny Novgorod

The Empress didn't like the taste of the tomato. I planted it last year. One word is hybrid. The pulp is very tough. It tastes unpleasantly fibrous and tasteless when eaten. The bushes turned out to be productive, the whole crop was used for harvesting. We have already tried pickled ones, but no one liked their taste either.

Tina, Togliatti

Grown this summer in a greenhouse a few bushes and 4 in the open field. The bushes in the ground were 1.6 m each, greenhouse bushes were noticeably higher. I was not satisfied with the taste of tomatoes, neither fresh nor pickled. If tomatoes cooked in their own juice could still be eaten, then in a simple marinade they were absolutely not tasty. But we must pay tribute to the yield, the hybrid's yield is simply excellent, and no diseases were observed.

Olga, Kazan

The description of the fruits from SeDec convinced me when choosing seeds. I love small cream with firm pulp and firm skin. The Empress's fruits paid off, many small, tight tomatoes of almost the same size grew. Most of them took off in green, they matched well in boxes, there were no lethargic and shriveled ones.

Nikolay, Chelyabinsk

I plant the Empress for harvesting, and for food I prefer to plant a large-fruited variety - the Queen of the Market. Sometimes I trade in the market, my crimson-pink fruits of the Queen always go with a bang with the townspeople. One fruit can weigh 400 g. There is nothing to say about the taste - the royal one. My characteristic is an excellent variety.


Try growing some Empress bushes in your garden. It is quite possible that the yield and disease resistance will justify the slight taste flaws of this hybrid. Share your experience in growing yielding cream.

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