Description of the tomato variety Golden Bull and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Golden Bull and its characteristics

The breeders of Biotechnics, by crossing, obtain new varieties of tomatoes suitable for growing in risky climatic conditions. One of these varieties is the Golden Bull. This vegetable crop has a strong bush structure, a high protective reaction to sudden changes in temperature and a quick recovery from damage, without reducing the yield results. Thanks to these qualities, the Golden Bull tomato is cultivated not only in the southern regions of Russia, but also in the Siberian Autonomous Okrug.

Description of the variety

The Golden Bull variety is a mid-season vegetable crop. The tomato grows well in open ground, in greenhouses and hotbeds. At the same time, the plant is guaranteed to give a good harvest even in regions with a short and cold period of the summer season. The tomato of the Zolotoy Bull variety of the Biotechnika selection has an extremely original structure of the bush, which strikingly distinguishes it from other vegetable crops.

Description of the plant:

  1. Indeterminate bush, medium height.
  2. Plant height varies from 1.5 to 1.8 meters.
  3. The leaves are dark green, with narrow lobes.
  4. The first fruit ovary is above the 9th leaf, followed by every 2-3 leaves.
  5. Each cyst has 4-5 large fruits.

A distinctive feature of the structure of a tomato is that the bush does not fatten and is easy to form. In addition, the plant does not need yield rationing. To improve the quality of the fruit, it will be enough to form a bush of 2-3 stems.

Fruit characteristics

Tomatoes The Golden Bull is very fond of gardeners for their very tasty, large fruits. They ripen in 111-115 days, after the appearance of the first seedlings.

Characteristics of fruits in full maturity:

  1. The form. Flattened tomatoes.
  2. Weight. Tomatoes of the Golden Bull variety can be called giants. Their average weight is 800 grams. in open ground, in greenhouse conditions about - 1,200 kg.
  3. Skin. Tomatoes on the first cluster with pronounced ribbing, all subsequent fruits are smoother and shinier.
  4. Color. Tomatoes, when fully ripe, acquire a lemon-yellow color, with a bright red spot on the underside.
  5. Pulp. Despite the fact that the fruits are inside a dense consistency, the golden flesh still has a very sugar structure, with a small number of seeds.
  6. Taste qualities. Tomatoes have a juicy, sweet taste.
  7. Shelf life. The Golden Bull variety is not highly transportable. Its fruits are able not to deform at a temperature of +2 degrees, for 10 days.

The average yield of a plant from one bush is 12-13 kg.

Pay attention: Tomatoes are rich in sucrose, proteins, pectin and minerals. They contain a large amount of carotene, lycopene and vitamins. Thanks to these qualities, they are very useful for dietary and baby food.

The main purpose of the fruit is fresh consumption from a bush and in the preparation of summer salads.

Having considered the description of the variety and characteristics of the fruits, you can independently verify the unusualness of the vegetable crop. Having planted Golden Bull tomatoes on their plot, each gardener will be satisfied with the yield indicators of tasty and healthy tomatoes. At the same time, when growing, the variety does not require large expenditures of free time and experience in agricultural technology. For its proper development, it will be enough to follow the planting scheme of 3 bushes per 1 sq.m., and then carry out timely watering and loosening.

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