Description of the tomato variety Griffin f1, its characteristics and cultivation

Description of the tomato variety Griffin f1, its characteristics and cultivation

Tomato Griffin is characterized by large fruits weighing 200–250 g, early maturing, indeterminate hybrid. For the purpose of cultivation, both open ground and film greenhouses are used. It is planted in spring and autumn. Plants are not whimsical to climatic conditions, suitable for cultivation in any soil and in all light zones.

Description of the variety

An early maturing indeterminate species, open type, well-ventilated fruits, powerful generative with short internodes and fast regeneration. The tomato is large, multi-chamber, has a massive root system.

Product characteristics:

  1. the weight of one tomato is 200–250 g;
  2. ripening period - 50–55 days after transplanting;
  3. shape - rounded flattened;
  4. color - deep pink;
  5. tall plants - 1.5–2 m;
  6. unpretentiousness.

Fruits are dense, do not crack, with excellent taste. On a hard surface, the absence of white and green veins is noted.

Among the descriptions of the tomato Griffin f1, it is also noted that the plant is unpretentious in nutrition, good tolerance for transportation, setting and holding even in an unfavorable environment, giving a good harvest.

Planting and growing rules

The permissible planting distance is 2–2.5 pieces per m².

Tomatoes are resistant to verticillium, verticillium wilt, tobacco mosaic virus and fusarium. Easily tolerate extreme heat.

The presented variety is perfect for both suburban cultivation and for the purpose of selling on the market. Due to its unpretentious care, the plant is grown with a minimum level of processing.

Product Reviews

One of the first and main indicators of tomato, which is noted by gardeners, is its high yield. The bush of the plant is loaded, with the weight of one fruit averaging 230 g.

Vegetable growers also note the advantage that this hybrid is obtained almost always, regardless of external factors. Reviews also indicate that the plant is well developed, quickly recovers from stress.

Due to its excellent characteristics, resistance to the extreme growing environment and pests, the Griffin tomato clearly gives a high yield, with excellent taste, good density, uniform size and color.