Instructions for use and composition of Medvetox, consumption rates and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of Medvetox, consumption rates and analogues

Soil harmful insects can harm crops, damage roots and stems. As a result, the plants dry out or die. Consider the action and purpose of "Medvetox", its composition, the form of release of the drug, how to use it according to the instructions. How to work with a safety device, what can be combined with it, where and how much to save, what insecticides can be replaced in agriculture and in private households.

Active ingredient and form of release

"Medvetox" contains diazinon in the amount of 50 g per 1 kg. The rest of the components are filler, aromatic and flavoring additives to attract pests. Manufacturer - CJSC "TPK Technoexport", produces it in granules in packages of 30 and 100 g. It is an intestinal and contact pesticide that can be used in agricultural and private household plots.

Spectrum and principle of action of the drug

"Medvetox" is used to exterminate the bear and ants in vegetable gardens, orchards, in the fields. The drug can destroy cabbage and onion flies, furrow weevils. It is a completely ready-to-use natural-based insecticide. The tool is highly effective: for the insect to die, it is enough for it to eat 1 granule. Diazinon in the body of the pest blocks breathing, and it dies, crawling up from the ground.

The granules do not get wet and do not dissolve in the soil. The bait is valid for 3 weeks from the moment it is introduced into the ground. It then decomposes into safe components. The product does not harm soil microorganisms and worms.

Instructions for the use of "Medvetox"

How to use: to protect young plants - vegetables, flowers and root crops, make grooves 3 cm deep along the perimeter of the ridges. Pour granules into the grooves at the rate of 20 g per 10 square meters. m. Sprinkle with earth and water. It is recommended to lay out the bait in the evening. Collect and burn the dead insects.

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After a month, carry out the next treatment, at this time a new generation of pests will appear. The last processing time is 2 months before harvesting.

Security measures and first aid

"Medvetox" belongs to insecticides with hazard class 3 for humans. Do not use the product on areas located near water sources and bodies of water. May be toxic to dogs when consumed in terms of diazinon 9.3 mg / kg. You cannot use Medvetox pellets in private household plots if poultry, for example, chickens, can enter the garden or garden and peck at the bait.

Work with insecticide granules in gloves, a respirator, wash your hands after finishing work. The insecticide is low-toxic, but in some cases poisoning is possible. The first signs are abdominal pain and blurred vision, moderate poisoning is expressed in a feeling of heaviness in the body and poor sleep.

If Medvetox gets on the skin, you need to remove it with cotton wool, which is moistened with alcohol diluted to 5-10% or 2% chloralin solution, then rinse with water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water and drip atropine or medicines with a similar effect into them. If you accidentally swallow the granules, you need to drink 2-3 tbsp. water or 2% soda solution. Then induce vomiting. You can drink activated charcoal instead of soda.

Compatibility with other substances

Medvetox is not mixed with other pesticides when used in private household plots.

Features and shelf life

From the date of release, the insecticide is stored for 2 years (in a sealed package). Store the bags with the product in a special room for pesticides and fertilizers, at normal humidity. The air temperature in the warehouse can be from -10 to +35 ˚С. Application feature: granules from the opened bag must be used completely, they cannot be stored.


Analogues of "Medvetox" for agriculture with diazinon content: "Barguzin-600", "Diazinon Express", "Diazin Euro", "Diazinon-600", "Praktik", "Diazol", "Diez-600", "Ricochet "," Enlil ". In private household plots, you can use insecticides "Barguzin", "Vallar", "Grizzly", "Grom", "Grom-2", "Zemlin", "Medvegon".

"Medvetox" is an effective drug against bears and ants. It is used both in agriculture and in private gardens. It is convenient to use, you just need to put the granules in the soil in places where pests can be. For crops, the drug is not toxic, does not accumulate in the ground, and has little toxicity to humans. During the season, you need to carry out 2 treatments of the beds from insects, repeated - a month after the first. The insecticide is available in small, easy-to-use packages for household use.

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