How can you treat cabbage from a flea at home?

How can you treat cabbage from a flea at home?

Cabbage is a fairly common vegetable that enjoys considerable popularity among vegetable growers. Growing it is not so easy, as it needs proper care. If you take care of the plant poorly, then over time it can suffer from certain pests. Quite often, the bushes are attacked by cruciferous fleas. Therefore, before growing this vegetable, you should familiarize yourself with how to treat cabbage from a flea.

Flea species

Before getting rid of cruciferous flea beetles on cabbage, you should familiarize yourself with the main types of this pest. Cabbage is most often attacked by insects of the following species:

  1. Wavy. Common fleas that are very common in vegetable gardens. They are not too long and only grow up to 2-3 mm. The main distinguishing feature of the insect is its black color and yellow stripe on the wings.
  2. Light-legged. Such insects also very often eat young cabbage bushes. Its dimensions are slightly larger than that of the previous type and can reach 4 mm. It is the light-legged pests that are the largest fleas. It is quite simple to distinguish them from other varieties. They are distinguished by their metallic body color and yellow head color.
  3. Notched. Pronged fleas can eat not only cabbage, but also many other vegetables. They are not distinguished by their large size, since their length is 2-3 mm. On the body there are small stripes of yellow and black, which are slightly narrower in the back than in the front.
  4. Black. The black flea beetle is found on cabbage much more often than all others. It differs from most other insects in its dark color. Also, the distinctive features include rather large antennae of black color.

Drug fight

The cruciferous flea on cabbage begins to appear after the outside temperature rises to 20 degrees. In warm weather, they immediately begin to crawl out of the topsoil and attack vegetables in the garden. When fleas attack the bushes, the leaves begin to dry out gradually and because of this, the plant dies.

Therefore, if black fleas were found on the cabbage, then you must immediately get rid of them. To understand how to get rid of a cruciferous flea, you need to learn the basic measures to combat them. Quite often, special chemicals are used for this.


To get rid of insects, the bushes can be treated with Aktara. This product was specially produced to get rid of pests that can attack vegetables. The drug is sold ready-made and therefore, before use, there is no need to prepare a working solution.

Aktara is applied after the first signs of flea beetles appear. Processing should be carried out only in the evening or in the morning when there is no wind. Due to too windy weather, the drug can get not only on cabbage, but also on neighboring plants. It is also not recommended to handle in cloudy weather, as rain can wash away the drug.


You can save cabbage and destroy pests with the help of Actellik. This drug is very effective, it is used not only to protect vegetables, but also most garden plants. If you sprinkle cabbage with this drug, then it will penetrate into the leaves and when the insect wants to eat them, it will die.

Before spraying cabbage with this preparation, you will need to prepare a special working solution. Two liters of water is mixed with 2 ml of the drug. This will be enough to handle ten square meters of land. To completely get rid of pests, spray each bush twice a week.


The tool is actively used for flea beetles on cabbage bushes. The drug is sold in the form of a cream or white powder that has a faint odor. After watering the bushes, the drug is absorbed into their leaves. When Bancol is ingested by pests, it damages their nervous system, making them unable to move.

Since the product is available in powder form, a special solution will have to be prepared before use. To do this, add 5 grams of Bankcol to 10 liters of water. After that, each bush is treated with 500 ml of the prepared mixture.


You can get rid of a black flea with a solution prepared at home from Decis. The product is sold in the form of granules, which must be mixed with water before use. The main advantage of Decis is its quick action. Water the bushes with this mixture and you will notice that the number of parasites will begin to decrease in an hour.

Before you deal with the decis cruciferous flea, you will have to make a working solution. It consists of 10 liters of water and several grams of the drug. We get rid of pests by treating each hundred square meters of the site with 15 liters of liquid.

Using folk remedies

Sometimes flea control is carried out with various folk remedies. Before using folk remedies, you need to figure out how to protect cabbage with such methods.

Wood ash

The protection of cabbage with wood ash is quite often used by vegetable growers. To do this, young vegetable bushes are powdered with a mixture of ash, mixed in equal amounts with tobacco dust. We fight insects in this way only on sunny days, so that there is no precipitation outside. It is necessary to use the prepared mixture at least three times a week. In this case, you need to completely cover all the bushes with ash.

Tomato tops

Insect control with tomato tops is very effective. Preparing a remedy for protecting young bushes is quite simple. To do this, you need several kilograms of dry or fresh tops, finely chop and pour hot boiled water for 5-7 hours. After that, the composition is re-boiled on a gas stove, infused and filtered with gauze. Before using the solution, it must be mixed with water in a one-to-one ratio. Also, 50 grams of grated soap is added to it.

Plants need to be processed 2-3 times a month until all pests are killed.


Some growers use more radical folk methods to get rid of pests in the garden. One of these methods is the use of solidol. To do this, you need to make a small plywood flag and cover it with a thin layer of grease. Then, waving the flag made, you should walk between the rows. In this case, the solid oil must come into contact with plant leaves. All fleas from the bushes will start jumping onto the flag and sticking to it. To completely get rid of pests, the procedure should be repeated 2-3 times.


So that in the future the plants do not suffer from black flea beetles, it is necessary to engage in prophylaxis in a timely manner. To do this, it is recommended to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • All seedlings planted in the soil should be covered with plastic wrap. It is removed only after the seedlings coarsen and grow stronger.
  • It is recommended to plant cabbage bushes near garlic or dill. The fact is that the smell of these plants repels many pests and therefore the cabbage will be safe.

  • Every day, several branches of wormwood should be laid out near the bushes.
  • When watering, it is recommended to add some aromatic agents to the water. Pine or fir oil is ideal for this. You can also add 20 drops of valerian to the water.


Quite often, vegetable growers are faced with the problem that fleas are eating their cabbage bushes. Before killing every flea on the bushes, you should familiarize yourself with basic pest control measures.

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