Description and characteristics of the best varieties of brown roses

Description and characteristics of the best varieties of brown roses

The rose is considered the queen of flowers. This is not surprising, because it is one of the most beautiful and popular flowers around the world. What shades of inflorescences do not exist. Some of the unusual varieties are roses with brown petals.

Features of such roses

Brown rose varieties are difficult to find. They will not add bright colors to a garden or flower bed, but they will look very original among other plants. The petals can be different in saturation - from beige to the coffee color of the buds. Brown species have shades of flowers with different tints, which makes the inflorescences unique in color.

Grown in flower beds and at home. The height of the stems of most varieties reaches 2 m. There are also dwarf varieties that are suitable for growing at home on a windowsill.

Brown roses are used to decorate rose gardens, flower beds and urban landscaping. Such hybrids immediately attract attention due to their unusual flowering. Otherwise, there are no significant differences from other varieties.

Popular and unusual varieties of brown roses

Although brown varieties are not the most popular among gardeners, some specimens are still worth paying attention to. Maybe they are not immediately striking, but they look, nevertheless, very decorative.

Hot cocoa

This species is characterized by gray-brown petals on open buds in a cold range. You can also notice a scarlet tint near the petals. They do not fade in the sun. After flowering, the buds turn purple in color. Tall bushes, branched stems. Up to 4-5 pieces can bloom on one stem. The petals are terry, reaching 10-12 cm in diameter. Another characteristic feature of Hot Cocoa is that they exude a pleasant fruity aroma.


This variety was bred in 1956. Cafés are considered to be one of the most beautiful of the brown flower hybrids. The shade resembles the color of coffee with milk. Sometimes the petals can take on a coppery yellow color. Inflorescences are cupped. 3-6 pieces bloom on one stem. The blossoming buds are terry, up to 8 cm in diameter. The foliage of the bush is rich green. The variety is resistant to most diseases of flower crops. The blossoming flowers give off a pleasant scent reminiscent of rose oil.


The main feature is that the shade of the petals can change. The color can be from coffee to deep pink. Faded inflorescences acquire a green color. The flowers are round, semi-double. The diameter of the blossoming flowers is from 6 to 9 cm. The aroma is weak. Collected in inflorescences of 2-8 pieces. The foliage of the bush is dark emerald in color.

Black tea

Black Tea was developed by breeder K. Okamoto in 1973. This is one of the most unusual varieties. The petals are dark red with a brownish-gray tint. In different periods of flowering, the color of the petals may change. This unusual view will become a real decoration of the garden. You want to look at the blossoming buds for a long time because of the unique combination of shades that you can see.


The Chocolatina variety was bred in the Netherlands. The variety is characterized by large double flowers, which, after blooming, reach a diameter of 8 cm. The petals are wavy with jagged edges. Orange-brown buds. Collected in inflorescences of 3-5 pieces. The aroma of blossoming buds is weak. Flowering is profuse and long lasting.

The plant blooms from early summer to the onset of cold weather. Bushes are erect type, strongly branched. The surface of the sheet is glossy. The foliage is rich emerald color. The height of an adult bush reaches 40 cm. The hybrid is suitable for decorating flower beds and borders.


This species is characterized by a dark pink shade of petals with a brown tint. Sometimes they can be peach brown. Blooming flowers are double, petals are wavy at the edges. Flowering is abundant, with constant care, the shrub produces many buds that bloom for a long time.

The height of an adult bush reaches 50 cm. The foliage is a rich dark green color.

It is harmoniously combined with the unusual pink-brown color of the blossoming buds.


This variety of spray roses has petals of a dark orange shade with a brown tint. Every year the buds get darker and darker. The main advantage is long and abundant flowering. The bush is covered with large double-type flowers, up to 15 cm in diameter. The Terracota variety is suitable for decorating borders, flower beds and creating rose gardens. Combines harmoniously with most flowering plants.

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