Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Money tree

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Money tree

Tomato Money tree is an early ripe fruit (from germination to ripening up to 100 days), with a height of 1.4 to 2.5 meters. Due to the considerable height of the bush, it needs to be pinned and tied to some kind of support.

It is important to include the most important qualities in the description of the variety: the plant is cold-resistant, shade-tolerant, carpal, indeterminate (tall, stretching right up to the frost itself). The tomato variety is intended for open ground and greenhouses, since it is these conditions that make it possible to grow the best tomato, while smoothing out the weather troubles.

Tomatoes grow about seven clusters, each of which has up to fifteen fruits. Formation into one stem. The original tomato cluster is laid over the tenth leaf. The best results are observed during the formation of the plant in one and two stems.

The money tree is a valuable variety with good keeping quality and long shelf life. It is endowed with high marketability and taste.


The fruits of the tree have unique characteristics:

  • Dense, flat-round in shape;
  • Bright red color;
  • Approximate weight: eighty - one hundred grams;
  • Universal purpose: processing into tomato products, canning, salting, fresh consumption;
  • Transportable, retaining their parameters during transportation;
  • Delicious, sweet, dense and strong;
  • Abundant fruiting;
  • Do not crack.

Advantages and disadvantages

Sowing tomato seeds is performed approximately sixty-five days before the intended planting in the soil. Four plants can be placed in one square meter. Sowing for seedlings is necessary at the end of March or at the very beginning of April. A bountiful harvest is harvested from July to September. Important! The seeds are covered tightly with a film.

As noted above, the fruit is early ripe, so the variety is not affected by mushroom-like microorganisms that usually attack all nightshade crops (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, physalis, eggplants).

Tomatoes of the variety in question are unpretentious in care. In addition, they are maximally resistant to various diseases, including the appearance of mold.

The main advantages of the tomato variety are:

  1. The ability to adapt to different levels of humidity;
  2. Resistance to temperature extremes;
  3. Ease of growing;
  4. The presence of very developed roots;
  5. Branched roots;
  6. Bushes grow up to three meters.

Disadvantages of tomatoes:

  1. Take up a lot of space;
  2. Growing in heated greenhouse conditions.


It is important to know! The seeds should be planted in already prepared soil. This should not be ordinary soil taken from the garden. In order to prepare the soil, it is required to add peat and a little river sand to the ground. The prepared mixture is mixed and poured with a nutrient solution. These are ten grams of urea, ten liters of water and thirty grams of superphosphate.

Of course, there are other ways to disinfect the soil. The earth can be moved into a cloth bag by leaving it in the oven for thirty minutes. Thus, the soil is cleared of various carriers of diseases and microbes.

Reviews of tomatoes The money tree of the variety in question indicates that the plant is actually very prolific and tasty. It is high yielding. It gives up its fruits at a time and ripens early.

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