Instructions for use of Oplot seed treater and dosage of fungicide

Instructions for use of Oplot seed treater and dosage of fungicide

Grain crops are susceptible to various diseases, most of which are caused by pathogenic fungi. The use of the drug "Oplot" as a seed dresser, according to the instructions for use, prevents the development of common infections in the absence of phytotoxicity. The fungicide has a healing effect and provides reliable protection at all stages of plant development.

Composition and form of release of funds

The active composition of the drug "Oplot" includes two active components - difenoconazole and tebuconazole, in quantities of 90 grams and 45 grams, respectively, in 1 liter of the total volume of the mixture. The product, packaged in sealed plastic containers with a capacity of 5 liters, is in the form of a water-based suspension concentrate. Before use, the concentrate is dissolved in water.

How does the purpose of using the drug "Oplot" work?

The preparation contains two representatives of triazole fungicides with different mechanisms of action.

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Tebuconazole, disrupting the formation of ergosterol in fungal cells, suppresses pathogens that cause root rot, smut fungi, molds.

Difenoconazole causes the death of fungal cells through the development of dysfunction of cell membrane structures resulting from blocking of styrene biosynthesis. The compound is effective in the treatment and prevention of helminthosporiosis, alternaria, and fungal smut infections, including dwarf smut of grain crops.

"Oplot" has a therapeutic and prophylactic fungicidal effect, protects grain crops and soybeans from a number of infections by pre-dressing the seed material. The combination of active ingredients allows you to control fungal diseases at all stages of plant development with a minimal risk of developing resistance to the composition in the absence of phytotoxicity.

Fungicide consumption rate

The standards for the use of the drug are regulated by the instructions and depend on the type of culture and pathogenic strain.

Recommended consumption rates of "Oplot" for pre-planting seed treatment:

AgricultureDiseaseDrug dose, liter / tonWorking fluid flow rate, liter / ton
Winter and spring wheatStone smut




Powdery mildew




Dusty smut0,5-0,6
Winter and spring barleySmutty fungal infections



Mesh spot



Winter ryeStem smut




Snow mold0,5-0,6
OatsHard smut

Dusty smut



Reddish-brown spotting

0,4 – 0,6







Treatment of seeds with the drug "Oplot" is carried out once. After etching, the composition forms a stable film on the surface of the seed.

Instructions for use

Etching is carried out with freshly prepared aqueous dilution of the suspension concentrate. The working solution of the drug is prepared in two stages. Shake the closed canister, measure the required amount of concentrate and mix with an equal volume of water.

A third of the total volume of water is poured into the etching tank and the first dilution of the drug is introduced. The liquids are mixed and made up to the specified volume with the remaining water. After immersing the seeds in the working solution, it is recommended to continue mixing to evenly distribute the suspension particles.


Oplot is classified as a highly hazardous chemical substance (hazard class 2). Working with the composition requires compliance with the rules of careful handling of chemically hazardous mixtures and the use of personal protective equipment.

Safe use of the "Oplot" means includes the following measures:

  • use of protective equipment: gloves, respirator, eye shield;
  • limiting the stay in the processing area of ​​third parties and animals;
  • the use of seed dressing machines;
  • disposal of containers and waste solution in accordance with the requirements applicable to hazardous chemical waste;
  • exclusion of the product from entering the soil, water bodies, sewage drains.

If the product gets on the floor or other surfaces, the area is washed with a solution of baking soda (200 grams of sodium bicarbonate is diluted in 10 liters of water). If the pesticide gets on the skin, the composition is washed off with soapy water. The mucous membrane of the eye in contact with the solution is washed with clean water.

If there are signs of intoxication, the victim is removed from work, taken to fresh air, and his overalls are carefully removed. Enterosorbent is given (at the rate of 1 gram of activated carbon per kilogram of body weight) with a large amount of clean drinking water and vomiting is induced, after which the enterosorbent suspension is given again.

The presence of severe symptoms, deterioration of health requires urgent medical attention. Poisoning treatment is symptomatic.

Compatibility with other products

"Oplot" is compatible with most pesticides and insecticides. It is not recommended to mix the drug with compounds with a pronounced acidity of the medium, as well as with strong alkalis.

Before using several products together, it is necessary to ensure the chemical compatibility of the components.

Terms and conditions of storage

Containers with the drug should be stored tightly sealed, separate from household items and food, out of the reach of children and animals, at a temperature not exceeding + 35 ° C.

Shelf life

3 years from the date of production, while maintaining the integrity of the packaging and observing storage conditions.


An analogue of "Oplot" in composition is the drug "Magnello", containing the same active ingredients, but in a higher dosage. "Magnello" is used for spraying seedlings of winter wheat and spring barley. An analogue of "Oplot" for use is the "Oplot Trio" treater, the composition of which is supplemented with the third active component - azoxystrobin

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