Description and characteristics of the tomato variety King of Beauty

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety King of Beauty

Exotic Beauty King is a variety of USA bred tomato. It appears in Russian registers as the King of Beauty tomato and attracts summer residents with its colorful appearance of fruits and a long storage period. The name of the variety reflects the consumer and taste properties of the fruit.

Features of culture

The tomato belongs to the category of a mid-ripening variety, the duration of the period from germination to ripening is 110-118 days. Biological characteristics - an indeterminate tomato bush (unlimited growth), tall, strong, reaching a height of 1.5–2 m. The brush develops over 7–8 leaves, subsequently ovaries and fruits are formed on it. The following brushes are evenly distributed over the bush.

In the garden, the height of the bush is less, 1–1.2 m. The leaf is large, densely green, the tomatoes are initially light with dark strokes. Ripe fruits are round, flattened, orange in color with red stripes.

Advantages of the variety

The method of cultivating tomatoes depends on the local climate; they are grown in open soil or under cover. They are characterized by the following properties:

  • active fruit setting;
  • immunity to late blight;
  • preservation of the presentation of the tomato during transportation;
  • suitability for workpieces for future use.

The first fruits of tomatoes are tasted in mid-July. The productivity of the variety is 5 kg per bush. The mass of a tomato is usually 200-320 g, with good agricultural technology, the fruit can reach 550 g. The tomato yield is stable, the variety will always help out the summer resident. The taste of the fruit is pleasant, sweet, with a slight acidity, fruity notes. Juicy fleshy tomatoes with dense, aromatic, marbled pulp. They are consumed fresh, harvested for the winter, processed into juices, pastes, sauces, mashed potatoes.

The yield indices of the tomato bush given on the seed bags were obtained experimentally, under ideal conditions, this is a benchmark to strive for.

Through the use of innovative technologies, taking into account all the nuances of growing, it is possible to achieve the specified yield, but much depends on the specific conditions, the experience of the gardener.

The yield of tomatoes under a film cover is higher than ordinary ground ones, the bushes are stronger, healthier.

Agrotechnical cultivation

Before sowing, seeds of tomatoes of the King variety are treated with a solution of potassium permanganate, soaked. Prepare a soil mixture from earth, humus, sand, ash. Special soil for vegetable crops is on sale. Sowing seeds is carried out in advance, 55-60 days before the expected date of planting a tomato. The sowing depth is 1–2 cm.

Important: too early sowing leads to overgrown seedlings, it is poorly transported, takes a long time to take root, and is injured during planting.

The seed box is placed under the film, creating a greenhouse effect. At the first shoots, the shelter is removed, the container is placed on a light windowsill. The further content of tomato seedlings King of Beauty is as follows:

  1. When real leaves appear, a dive of the variety is carried out. It is advisable to simultaneously increase resistance against diseases, treat tomatoes with a growth stimulant, for example, the drug "Vympel".
  2. The growing shoots are fed twice with a mineral complex of weak concentration.
  3. Before planting for 10-12 days, the seedlings are hardened by an open window, and taken out into the fresh air.

The garden bed is fertilized, dug up, and tomato seedlings are prepared. The tomato variety in question is not planted thickly, at the rate of four bushes per 1 m², they are immediately tied up. Water the soil carefully under the root, avoiding wetting the foliage with water.

Caring for bushes during the growing season

Tomato bushes are periodically pinned, thinned out, barren lateral shoots and wilted leaves are removed.

It is recommended to grow bushes of 2-3 stems. Loosening, hilling, timely weeding is required, watering in the evening with water heated by the sun.

Regular organic fertilizing, nitroammophoska are required. Rooted, matured tomato bushes are fertilized 15 days after planting. The processes of flowering, the formation of ovaries, fruits, occur more efficiently with the positive effect of superphosphate.

Reviews of vegetable growers indicate that the variety grows better, bears fruit in a southern climate. The resistance of tomato against fungal diseases is confirmed; it is noted that the description of the King of Beauty variety, the characteristics of the fruit, fully corresponds to reality.

If necessary, they collect the seeds of the variety you like; next season you will not have to buy dubious seed. The best tomatoes are selected from the first two clusters of the bush, and the fruits are allowed to fully ripen.

The work of the gardener will be rewarded not only with the harvest of tomatoes, but also with the pleasure of growing an amazing variety of tomatoes - the King of Beauty.

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