The lawn

The lawn

The lawn: irrigation

The lawn must be irrigated with care, paying particular attention not to exaggerate but by providing a suitable system for this purpose. To have a perfect lawn you can think of watering manually only if the dimensions are really small. For an English lawn larger than the classic green condominium area it is necessary to use an irrigation system. It would be better if it were an automatic system, equipped with a timer in which we will program all the interventions, possibly correcting them if the season occurs more or less rainy than usual. The lawn should never be neglected and even in the periods in which we will take the holidays it will be irrigated regularly. To have very green grass it is better to water in the evening, when the sun has set, or early in the morning.

How to take care of the lawn

The lawn takes time and wants to work. Obviously the initial interventions will be greater and, if we consider it appropriate, we will be able to turn to an expert gardener who will then let us keep the lawn on our own, providing us with all the necessary cleaning and routine maintenance information. After sowing we will have to fight literally with the species of grass we want to keep away. Specific products can be used, which can be purchased in specialized DIY stores. Or we can simply keep the growth of our grass under control by constantly monitoring the growth and emergence of other types of unwanted herbs, eradicating them when we notice them. The lawn is first and foremost decorative and it will be advisable to avoid stepping on the grass repeatedly.

Fertilization and soil preparation

The lawn can be obtained from a green area previously used as a normal garden. In this case the works will be less demanding and it will be easier to find oneself in front of already fertile land. If instead we decided to create a lawn from scratch, the situation will be completely different. We will have to prepare the soil in depth, adding a special fertilizer, granular fertilizer or home compost. The digging operations will be followed by a careful intervention to make the surface as smooth as possible. After sowing we can again use a fertilizer product to facilitate the uniform growth of our grass. The chosen terrain must be perfect from the point of view of the drainage of atmospheric precipitations, otherwise we will risk finding a muddy lawn more than a lawn.

Exposure, climate, adversity

You can create a lawn in all the areas characterized by a not excessively torrid climate. The periods of long drought would be badly tolerated by the lawn and frequent irrigations would risk to make the grass yellow. The best thing would be to find yourself in an ideal place where there is no lack of atmospheric precipitation and for most of the year they are more than sufficient to guarantee the right amount of water. Since it is a simple herb, we cannot talk about real lawn diseases. More than anything we will find ourselves faced with the need to keep weeds away. We can use a selective herbicide or proceed manually, even sowing the desired grass again in areas where it cannot develop evenly.