Cyclamen meaning

Cyclamen meaning

The meaning of cyclamen

Like all plants, cyclamen, in the language of flowers, has a special meaning. However, as often happens, the interactions between different cultures have given rise to an association of meanings, borrowed from different eras and regions. Thus, the cyclamen, although having a predominantly negative connotation, can also take positive meanings. When approaching the language of flowers, therefore, it is good to learn the various meanings of the plants that can change along with the color or context in which they are given as gifts. . In the cyclamen, the double negative and positive aspect is given by the contrast between the beautiful flowers and the poisonous tubers, from the fact that it grows in dim light and from the different colors that go from the candid white to the sensual red.

The cyclamen and the positive meanings

We have said that, despite the predominantly negative meaning given to the cyclamen, in some cultures or situations, it assumes a positive connotation. Let's see when. In ancient Rome, the cyclamen was considered a real amulet against evil filters and invoices, and in this sense, giving it away meant wanting to protect a person from harm. It was also believed that the flower was an exciting sexual, which facilitated conception and for this it was given to young couples as a wish for the growth of the family. More recent studies on the meaning of cyclamen have instead shown that thanks to its fragrance, cyclamen allows to increase self-confidence, thus becoming a very valuable gift for those who want to increase their prestige.

The cyclamen and the negative meanings

The language of flowers was born in the Middle Ages, a period in which medicine and knowledge of plants, herbs and roots developed. The negative connotations that are assigned to the cyclamen date back to this period, probably due to the strong contrast that was created between the beauty of the flowers, the love for the dark areas and above all the poisonousness of the tubers. In fact, these contain a poisonous substance for men and yet, not poisonous to some animals like pigs. The association of the pig and poison with Satan in the Middle Ages was immediate, so the cyclamen took on a negative meaning which it then continued to carry over time, up to the recent revaluations, obtained also recalling the beneficial meaning of the most ancient eras.

Cyclamen meaning: Meaning and beauty of cyclamen

The double meaning of the cyclamen, if on the one hand it can create doubts, on the other it can reassure those who want to donate this plant to a friend. Those who know the meaning of flowers well, in fact, can decide to donate a cyclamen to a couple of young spouses or to an unlucky friend, perhaps taking care to attach a ticket with the meaning of the plant itself so as not to give rise to misunderstandings. And if instead i is starting or having to sever a relationship, once again the cyclamen can be used as a symbol of detachment. Because what matters is that this plant, thanks to the different colors and the particular beauty, will always be a much appreciated after, regardless of the true meaning that you want to give it!