Indoor plants

Indoor plants

Green houseplants

Starting from any style of furniture, be it modern or classic, green apartment plants offer creative options for the realization of small interior gardens or green corners. To choose simply and optimally green apartment plants, you need to take into account some fundamental factors, exposure to light, the need for water and the care they require. By applying these elements, we will be able to prefer some types of species over others. If space permits, species such as: Kentia, Monstera or Livistona are ideal for making salons, living rooms, studios more welcoming. They do not require much care or even too much water, the only thing not to be overlooked is the exposure, they need light and mild climatic temperatures. Furthermore, the Fern, the Sanseveria, the Zamioculcas, the Dracena are among the most widespread and also easy to grow green apartment plants. The various species of Pothos and Croton are also in great demand but in this case the treatments to be dedicated for their cultivation are slightly greater given the delicacy of the plants themselves.

Flowering houseplants

Based on their personal creativity and the many types of flowering houseplants, they will brighten up the rooms enriching the furnishings of the house itself. The Phalaenopsis Orchid is easy to find on the market, its flowers can be white, pink, purple or mottled. The flowering period lasts months and does not require much care, it lives in all the rooms of the house, preferring damp places but sheltered from the cold. The most widespread species of Anthurium among flowering houseplants is certainly the one with the inflorescences colored red or pink (spata), cylindrical (spadix), it does not like very dry environments and requires exposure to light continuous but not direct. Fuchsia is more delicate to cultivate with its two-colored, cascading cascading flowers of different shades. Fears the cold and needs direct light too. Kalanchoe with colorful small flowers is a long-lasting and easy to grow species as an indoor plant. Finally, the ornamental flowers of the Cyclamen, among the most loved flowery apartment plants for the variety of colors and the round lines of the foliage.

Houseplants names

Often it can happen to have the image of a plant but not to remember the name, here below is a roundup of types of green and flowering houseplants. The names of the green apartment plants, best known for their wide diffusion are: the Fern, the Kentia, the Zamioculcas, the Filodendro, the Falangio and the many varieties of Croton and Pothos. Cactuses with their various shapes, rounded, spherical, cylindrical or flattened offer a wide choice according to their tastes, they require few but due attention. As for the flowering species some names of houseplants are: The Orchid of the "butterfly" variety, the Poinsettia, the Begonia, the Anthurium, the Kalanchoe, the Cyclamen are the most known and easily found on the market. Moreover, there is no forgetting the Azalea, the Alpinia, the Hibiscus, the Amarillo that with their flowers furnish every room of the house with liveability giving an exotic touch to the rooms of the house. In recent years they are very easy to find the Lucky Bamboo or Bambщ lucky charms, a plant native to Asia and traditionally donated as a sign of good luck.

How to treat indoor plants

Every houseplant needs care given over time to make it grow better and without trauma. Based on the general characteristics of the various species recommended for the interior, it is useful to apply some small attentions that over time will prove to be far-sighted precautions that your plants will certainly like. Exposure to light and air. Fundamental elements to be taken into account for each type of plant, all species need constant or direct exposure to light, in a constant manner. The humidity helps their growth and the temperature of the rooms must vary between 10 and 24 degrees, they must be repaired both by the cold and by the great heat, eventually the plants must be moved to more sheltered areas of the house. Water is their vital nourishment, irrigation must be adequate and must modulate over the seasons, periodically combining a fertilizer that gives the plants every nutritional support they need. To keep the leaves shiny, a vaporizer with water, a cloth or cotton is enough to clean them properly.